At the Best Western Dover Marina Hotel & Spa, we recognize the impact of our business on the environment and we are committed to conducting our business in a way that ensures environmental sustainability. We are committed to reducing the hotel’s carbon footprint by monitoring the use of water, gas, electricity and the amount of waste materials produced.

Our staff are reminded that in their day to day activities that they are responsible for lessening the impact on the environment and to take in the importance of remembering the 4 R’s – Refuse: Reuse: Reduce: Recycle

As part of our management policy, the environment is considered in our everyday decision making at management meetings with our staff at Head of Department meetings. Systems are in place to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, tins, light bulbs, batteries and used waste oil. Our food wastage is kept to a minimum by careful monitoring and ordering. In the offices we have a ‘switch off’ policy whereby office staff must turn off computer equipment and printers when not in use.

Our staff make sure that the usage of harmful cleaning chemicals are avoided where possible and they endeavour to use eco friendly products at all times. The hotel staff will encourage our guests, by providing the relevant information, to explore the local attractions by public transport, bicycle or on foot. Cycle routes and cycle hire information and bus timetable are all available in the hotel.

Among the hotel policies are:

  • The use low energy light bulbs in all areas.
  • The use of electronic mail to reduce the use of paper.
  • The active encouragement of staff and guests to turn off unnecessary lights.

Our policy is to ensure that guests have a comfortable stay. Sheets will be changed on every third day for a long stay guest and we ask guests to consider if towels can be re-used. If a guest requires clean towels they are asked to place the used ones in the shower. The Best Western Dover Marina Hotel & Spa is dedicated to balancing our commitment to our Green Policy without compromising on the comfort, standards and enjoyment of our guests.