The Luxed Spa Garden

The garden of eternal spring

Spa Treatment in Dover, Kent

A Universe of sensations for all the senses

Set within the peaceful surroundings of Dover Marina, the DoverMarina Hotel and Spa is a perfect escape. Whether you fancy a spa treatment or a good workout, our facilities are top-notch. Coupled with friendly service from our skilled team, you’re in for a treat.

Step away from daily pressures and indulge in our lavish spa offerings.Our skilled therapists provide a variety of treatments, ensuring you depart feeling renewed and invigorated. Taking a spa day is the perfect way to escape from day-to-day life stresses, and enjoy some uninterrupted quiet time.

Spa opening hours

09:00 - 19:00h

      Aesthetic Treatments

      Aesthetics, beauty and health

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      We want you to experience ultimate relaxation, therefore we ask that you treat the spa with respect, and take into consideration others enjoying the spa at the same time as you

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