Caroline's teaching philosophy is a reflection of her rich experience, blending traditional wisdom with contemporary practices to create a nurturing and transformative space for her students. Her classes are an exploration of body, mind, and soul, guided by her thoughtful and insightful instruction

A Holistic Approach to Well-Being

Yoga classes and instructors are readily available in many communities, making it accessible to those interested in incorporating it into their lifestyle. It’s important to find a style of yoga and an instructor that suits your goals and preferences, as there are various approaches within the broader discipline of yoga.

Credentials and Expertise

promoting overall health

Caroline Purvey is a certified yoga teacher, her first qualification was with the YYI- South African School which was delivered in the UK specialising in the Iyengar style.  She went on to train with the British Wheel of Yoga with whom she also trained as a Yoga Teacher Trainer. Caroline’s skills enable mixed-ability teaching to ensure all achieve the level of their own ability at any time.

Her interest has always been in the anatomy of the body, and has experienced training with various teachers, her favourites being Gary Carter and Julie Gudmestad.

Her extensive training and continuous self-improvement have allowed her to curate a dynamic and adaptive approach to suit students of all levels, from beginners to seasoned yogis.

      Total Release Experience​

      Caroline enriches her well-being options for clients worldwide with her unique Total Release Experience® Programme.  During covid Workshops were replaced by online learning.  Now her programme choices reach out globally.

      The programme empowers those battling with the symptoms of stress and trauma with a transformational practice that is changing lives. A simple physical release of tension from the body that can release the root cause to ensure a happier, healthier life.  Details of the online programmes can be found on

      Caroline is the author of #1 ‘Feel It To Heal It’.  Copies are available for purchase at the Waterfront Reception.  Having won several awards for her work, the latest being the IAOTP CEO of the Year in Alternative and Holistic Health 2023. 

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