WaterFront Spa & Health Club

Set within the peaceful surroundings of seafront, the Dover Marina Hotel and Spa is a perfect escape. Whether you fancy a spa treatment or a good workout, our facilities are top-notch, coupled with friendly service from our skilled team. You’re in for a treat.


Monday to Sunday - 9am to 9pm

WaterFront Spa and Health Club

Spa Treatment in Dover, Kent

Facial Treatment: Enjoy a rejuvenating facial that includes cleansing, scrubbing, and a face mask. It’s designed to refresh your skin and leave your face glowing.

Body Massage: Indulge in a tranquil body massage designed to ease tension and foster a state of deep relaxation. Skillfully blending aromatic oils and expert massage techniques, this treatment focuses on unwinding tight muscles, alleviating stress, and rejuvenating your overall sense of well-being. 

Body Treatment: Experience a relaxing treatment that soothes both body and mind. Using special aromatherapy oils and massage techniques, this session relieves stress and restores your sense of well-being.

Mum-to-Be Treatment: Treat yourself to a gentle, soothing treatment perfect for expectant mothers. It helps relax your changing body and calm your mind, offering comfort and peace.

      Ayurvedic Spa Treatment in Dover

      Personalized Treatments are offered!

      Ayurvedic treatments blend ancient Indian wisdom with natural remedies to foster holistic well-being. The Greeva Basti rejuvenates the neck with herbal oils, relieving stress and pain, while the Kati Basti soothes lower back discomfort with warm oils, aiding muscle relaxation. 

      In the Ayurvedic packages, personalized treatments are offered, including consultations and tailored therapies. The Detoxification Package involves a series of cleansing therapies.

      These spa experiences are designed to relax and rejuvenate, complete with herbal teas in a comfortable amenitiy, providing a tranquil and restorative escape.


      Spa Wellness Facilities at the WaterFront Spa

      Enjoy full use of our facilities, including a spa pool, sauna, steam room, sunbed, relaxation lounges and gym equipments.

      Sunbed Treatment
      Hot Tub
      Steam Room in Kent
      Sauna Therapy in Kent

      Sunbed Treatment

      For those wanting to look fine and fit with a tan, then try the sunbed for just a few minutes. At £1 a minute it is great value for money. Bookings are essential.

      Hot Tub

      Experience the sheer relaxation of our hot tub, available for hotel guests, spa and health club customers.

      Steam Room in Kent

      Enjoy the soothing ambiance of our steam room, a serene haven for customer. It's the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate.

      Sauna Therapy in Kent

      Experience the comforting warmth of our sauna in Kent, designed for hotel and spa guests.

      Spa Treatment FAQs: Your Questions Answered

      How do I make a reservation at The Spa?

      Advance booking is highly recommended to ensure availability. You can make a reservation by sending an email, calling us, or visiting The Spa in person. Our team will assist you with your booking and any queries you may have.

      What is the minimum age requirement to use the spa facilities?

      The Spa is an adult-only facility. Guests under 16 years of age are not permitted without parental consent. Children aged 12 and older may undergo a spa treatment with a signed parental consent form. Please consult our spa coordinator for more details.

      What is the cancellation policy?

      To respect the experience of other guests, please notify us at least 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel your appointment. Cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled treatment time will incur a 100% cancellation fee. Late arrivals may result in reduced treatment time without compensation.

      What should I wear to the spa?

      There is no special clothing required. Spa wear is provided in your treatment villa, including facial gowns for facials and disposable underwear for body treatments and massages upon request. We advise not bringing valuables to the spa.

      What is the policy on cell phones and electronic devices?

      For the comfort of all guests, please switch off electronic devices upon entering The Spa.

      When should I arrive for my appointment?

      To maximize your spa experience, please arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

      How should I prepare for my treatment?

      Ladies need no special preparation. Men are advised to shave at least two hours before a facial for comfort and skin benefit. No preparation is needed for other treatments.

      How is my privacy protected during the treatment?

      Your privacy will be respected at all times. You will be professionally draped, covering all parts of the body not being treated. Ladies have the option to include the bust area in body treatments.

      Can I customize my spa experience?

      Absolutely. We strive to cater to individual preferences. Please communicate with your therapist if you need adjustments, like massage pressure, extra towels, or changes in sound or lighting. We also recommend showering before your treatment to optimize your time.

      We value your feedback and invite you to complete a guest questionnaire after your treatment. Enjoy your experience at The WaterFront Spa!

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      Discover relaxation and rejuvenation with our bespoke spa treatments in Dover, Kent. Contact WaterFront Spa & Health Club to elevate your wellness journey today.

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